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Campers and Dens CD05 WITH GHOST
Project Ghost Logo

Project Ghost is a carefully curated environment where people feel closer together, approximating natural real-life interaction by displaying a life-size rendering of the far end user in a camera frame.

Hybrid collaboration has challenged us to find more immersive ways to connect face-to-face.

Our ability to engage face-to-face in a hybrid world has been restricted forcing us to find new ways to connect regularly through digital tools. This accelerates the need to integrate digital technology within the physical environment to form a hyper-realistic experience to simulate more natural human interaction.


Technology Partners

A collaborative venture between Logitech and Orangebox to create an authentic and immersive experience for one-on-one virtual meetings. 

What is 
Project Ghost?

Project Ghost is a one-to-one extended-reality experience developed by Logitech & Orangebox. It blurs the lines between the physical and digital to create a more human, immersive connection.

Project Ghost

Tech Integration

Blending digital with the physical space removes the obvious presence of technology, while still keeping it accessible. AI-enabled technology automatically optimizes audio, video & lighting to provide a best-in-class space for video calls.


"A space where you
feel closer together"

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VIP experience!

Join us at our London Showroom for a VIP experience of Project Ghost – a unique collaboration between Orangebox and Logitech. 

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