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Ghost creates an authentic and immersive experience for one-on-one virtual meetings which fosters engagement and nurtures relationships.

Read facial expressions & non-verbal cues

Smaller screens make it challenging to view participants' videos which will potentially impact people’s ability to engage fully in the meeting and build rapport with each other.

Life-size render

We believe displaying a life-size rendering of far end users will enable people to see facial expressions, body language and other non-verbal cues clearly, and also enhance the presence equity to support an immersive interaction experience.

Business Interview
Close Up on Eyes

Eye Contact

We believe a natural gaze & eye contact play a vital role in communication, establishing connections and conveying emotions. It will help to build trust, improve understanding and engage with each other on a deeper level.


We believe creating an environment which can minimize distractions from both digital devices and physical surroundings (ex. signal light, notifications, UI, noise, interruptions…) will promote focus, privacy, and mindfulness to the conversations.

Sunset Over the Mountains
Relaxing at Home

Comfort & Wellbeing 

We believe comfort and well-being are crucial to create a positive and productive space which facilitates great interactions. When people feel comfortable and supported, they are more likely to be relaxed, engaged, and motivated to achieve their goals.

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Join us at our London Showroom for a VIP experience of Project Ghost – a unique collaboration between Orangebox and Logitech. 

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